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L.A. native, Tamara Anderson, founder of Culinary and Cannabis Events, created a great way to break the stereotypes of cannabis and started promoting how it helps improve the quality of life for patients. She began her career as a registered nurse but wanted to pursue something that made her happy outside of what she was doing, so she decided to get into the cannabis industry. 

With the lack of education people have with cannabis and her love of baking, Tamara decided to host events that help towards educating the use of cannabis and push how helpful it is to patients with long term use of pain medication. Tamara began bringing together healthcare professionals, and food & wine experts in one room to work towards pushing the knowledge of this great cause. 

Faced with many roadblocks being a black woman in the cannabis industry her children are one of her reason for her pushing through and breaking barriers. Tamara has accomplished so much, including hosting the first cannabis and food event for chefs and help organize the first Celebrity Grammy cannabis event.  

Tamara has impacted many organizations such as The House Foundation, George Lopez Foundation, and many others. She also worked with celebrities such as Matt Barnes, Waka Flocka, Montell Williams, Hope Flood, and Al Harrington. With the excitement of becoming an entrepreneur, she looks forward to continuing to change lives all over. 

Tell us how you started your career. I became an entrepreneur because I need an outlet that made me happy, outside of my nursing career.

What is your daily Grind? Daily grind is nurse by light and entrepreneur by night. I work a 9 to 5 as an RN during the day usually 7 days a week and then in the evening I work on my own business, while taking care of my daughter and grandmother.

How long have you been here and what made you want to move to this city (if applicable)? I have been in Los angeles since I was 3months old, so this is home.

Do you have children or dependents? Yes I have two children, my daughter is 17 and my son was 20 when he passed away.

What inspires you to grind? The lack of education and stigma related to cannabis.

What are some of the exciting things you get to experience in your field? Getting to work with up an coming entreprenuer and see they dream come to life and just being a part of that.

What changes have you made from the beginning of your career to now? It a constant change because of rules an regulation.

What are you most looking forward to in your career? Helping change lives.

What are some roadblocks you have had to overcome? Being a women of color in cannabis period.

What is the hardest thing about being a girl on the grind? Getting people to take you seriously and not try and take advantage of you.

Do you have any words of inspiration to the Girls on the Grind? No just mean not right now.

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